About FoodChek Systems

The FoodChek Mission is to be the leading global developer and provider of proprietary rapid and accurate food safety tests for the detection of contaminants (e.g., pathogens, allergens, etc.) throughout the human and pet food production chains.

FoodChek specializes in the development and commercialization of proprietary rapid, accurate and cost-effective food safety tests focused on the detection of E. coli O157, Listeria spp., and Salmonella spp. under the ACTEROTM Elite Enrichment Media brand of products.

FoodChekalso develops standard media formulations under the ACTEROTM Universal Enrichment Media brand for the enrichment, detection, isolation, and culture of various pathogens and microorganisms ranging from yeasts, molds and coliforms, etc. ACTEROTM Universal consists of over 130 media products from liquid to dehydrated formulations, agars and supplements in various sizes.

The FoodChek desktop pathogen testing system utilizes revolutionary MICT® proprietary magnetic nanotechnology, allowing for the quantitative and qualitative detection of pathogens or other analytes in complex food or environmental samples. This patented MICT® nanotechnology represents a paradigm shift in the detection of foodborne pathogens throughout the human food chain by offering the most accurate and reliable same-shift food safety tests that are simple, cost-effective and increase profitability and confidence within a food industry in dire need of help to protect their brand, management and consumers from harm.