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AOAC Certified


Actero™ Listeria Enrichment Media
AOAC Certified 111201

Actero™ Salmonella Enrichment Media
AOAC Certified 041403

AOAC International (“AOAC”) is a non-profit scientific association with headquarters in Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA. It publishes standardized, chemical analysis methods designed to increase confidence in results of chemical and microbiological analyses. Government agencies and civil organizations often require that laboratories use official AOAC Performance Tested Method (“PTM“) certification.

AOAC’s technical contributions center on the creation, validation and global publication of reliable analytical test methods, primarily to evaluate the safety of foods, beverages, dietary supplements, and similar materials consumed by humans and animals, or to evaluate purity of materials used in production of foodstuffs and their ingredients.

These test methods are of two broad categories: chemical tests (vitamins or pesticides) and microbiological tests (spoilage agents or biological threat agents). Before a given method can be approved as an AOAC official method, it is generally tested in eight-10 laboratories in what is called a “Collaborative Study”, and the findings are often published on the Journal of AOAC Internationals. If the OMB (Official Methods Board) approves the recommendation of the Study Director and Committee Chair and approves the method for official status (an official method of analysis) then it is given “First Action” approval. After a year, the OMB can grant “Final Action” status to a method where there has been no feedback serious enough to warrant further investigation. The FDA and other agencies recognize these methods as official methods.

Possibly their most visible activity is to be the official source for nutrition labeling analysis. AOAC has 10 North American sections, organized geographically, as well as seven geographic sections in the rest of the world.