FoodChek™ MICT® Reader & Accessories

The FoodChek™ MICT® Reader uses magnetic nanotechnology via a compact, diagnostic reading device that reports test results from disposable assay cassettes preloaded with Actero™ enriched food samples.

This desktop-based, user-friendly MICT® Reader allows for automated tracking, recording and printing of quantitative test results without the need for a sophisticated technician or commercial lab.

You can verify the FoodChek™ MICT® Reader’s accuracy and performance with the supplied, multiple-use, verification cassette. Additionally, single-use FoodChek™ MICT Reader Cleaning Cassettes are sold separately.

Please contact us if you need help in choosing any of our products or to request a demo of the MICT® Reader.

FoodChek™ MICT Reader & Accessories

FSI Cat # Product Name Format Description
FoodChek – MICT Cleaning Cassettes
10 per Box
FoodChek – MICT V2 Reader
1 MICT v2 Reader, 1 user Manual CD, 1 Stylus, 1 Verification Cassette, 1 USB flash drive and 3 rolls of paper (enough for approx. 100 tests).
FoodChek – MICT Verification Cassette
MICT Stylus
Stylus for use on the MICT reader screens.
MICT Thermo Paper
Pack of 3 Rolls
(enough for approx. 100 tests).
MICT v2 Reader with ADS Ability
MICT Assay Development System: 1 MICT-ADS, 1 ADS Laptop, 1 ADS CD disk with user manual, 1 Microsoft Access, 1 MBS Download Utility, 1 BS LDDP Software, 1 Antivirus Software to run the assay development system, 1 MICT Verification Cassette.
MICT v2 Software link
USB Flash Drive.