Frequently Asked Questions

FoodChek™ MICT Reader

  1. What FoodChek™ assays have AOAC approval?
    Answer: Currently the Listeria, Salmonella and E. coli 0157 assays cassettes are AOAC validated.
  2. How does the FoodChek™ MICT reader work?
    Answer: The FoodChek™ instrument performs quantitative biochemical assays in a lateral flow format using super paramagnetic particles as the label. FoodChek™ assays, labeled with magnetic particles and read on the FoodChek™ instrument, demonstrate superior dynamic range and detection sensitivity when compared to conventional optical detection instruments.
  3. How does MAR (Magnetic Assay Reading) detection technology provide a quantitative result?
    Answer: The MAR detection technology measures the magnetic intensity of the paramagnetic material captured in this test zone. The magnetic intensity is proportional to the quantity of paramagnetic particles that are present and the amount of analyte captured. In most instances there are two capture regions, one for the specific analyte Test zone, and the other for a Control zone.In the assay development process for each analyte, the chemical reactants and concentrations, as well as the magnetic particle size and substrate characteristics, are optimized ranges so that the number of paramagnetic particles captured is related to the amount of analyte present in the sample. Mathematical algorithms developed to characterize the relationship between magnetic intensity and analyte concentration are used to convert the detector response to analytical units.
  4. How do I know if the reader is functioning accurately?
    Answer: A Verification Test Cassette is included with the system. You can verify the FoodChek™ measurement accuracy and performance with the supplied verification cassette. This cassette contains three stable, calibrated test regions on one test strip. They are used to verify the instrument’s internal calibration (accuracy) and performance (noise).
  5. What happens if my Verification Test Cassette is damaged?
    Answer: Replacement Verification Cassettes are available through our exclusive FoodChek™ product distribution partner, VWR.
  6. How big is the FoodChek™ MICT reader?
    Answer: The FoodChek™ MICT readers dimensions are L 33cm x W 25cm x H 23cm and it weighs 3.3kg.
  7. What is the operating temperature and operating humidity for the instrument?
    Answer: The FoodChek™ MICT reader requires an optimal operating range of 5 – 35 degrees C and 20 – 85% non-condensing relative humidity.
  8. What happens if the FoodChek™ reader fails?
    Answer: If the instrument fails, FoodChek™ will provide you a temporary loaner unit while your reader is repaired.

Actero™ Enrichment Media

  1. What is Actero™ Enrichment Media?
    Answer: FoodChek™ Actero™ Enrichment Media (Actero™) is a new patent-pending bacterial growth media that makes the sample enrichment timeline phase up to 30% to 70% faster to achieved results. Actero™ can be used by ANY food processor involved in food safety pathogen testing regardless of what testing system they use.
  2. Who would use Actero™?
    Answer: Commercial testing laboratories, fresh food processors and meat packers who perform any food safety pathogen testing.
  3. Why would I use Actero™?
    Answer: Because Actero™ gives the fastest “time-to-results”, and is cost competitive, high quality and offers superior enrichment performance.
  4. What packaging configurations can Actero™ be purchased in?
    Answer: 500g, 2 KG, 10 KG and custom pouch sizes for dehydrated media. 5 L, 10 L, and 20 L for Liquid Media
  5. How many Actero™ Elite products are available?
    Answer: FoodChek™ currently offers six (6) Elite Actero™ formulations: i) E. coli; ii) Listeria; iii) Salmonella; iv) Salmonella/STEC v) STEC; and vi) mTSB.
  6. Is Actero™ performance and QC tested?
    Answer: YES, each Actero™ lot number is quality and performance tested. QC certificates are on file, and copies can be obtained upon request.
  7. How do I obtain a MSDS sheet for Actero™?
    Answer: MSDS sheets are available on the FoodChek™ website at or upon request.
  8. Has Actero™ been validated by the AOAC International?
    Answer:FoodChek™ Actero™ Listeria has received AOAC Performance Tested Method (PTM™) certification License Number 111201
    FoodChek™ Actero™ Salmonella has received AOAC Performance Tested Method (PTM™) certification License Number 041403
  9. What grade of water should I use to re-constitute the dehydrated Actero™?
    Answer: Always use microbiological quality water (type 3). Ideally the water should be distilled, de-ionized, or passed through a reverse osmosis system. Tap water should not be used because of impurities.
  10. What are the recommended storage conditions for Actero™?
    Answer: The dehydrated medium should be kept at 12-25 C, in tightly closed bottles in a dry well ventilate place protected from direct light. The expiry dte is indicated on the package.
    IF the medium has been autoclaved, it can be stored at 2-8 C for up to 45 days, in a tightly closed bottle in a cool dry place.
    IF the medium has NOT been autoclaved, it should be used immediately.
  11. How long is the enrichment incubation period for Actero™?
    Answer: It depends on the organism and sample being enriched. FoodChek™ has found that Actero™ incubation times are dramatically faster at up to 30% for Listeria and up to an amazing 70% for Salmonella, when compared with competitors and the official test methods.
  12. How do I get a sample of Actero™ media?
    Answer: You can request sample through the FoodChek™ website or by contacting your FoodChek™ Territory Manager or VWR Sales Associate.
  13. Can FoodChek™ customize packaging of Actero™ media to fit my facilities requirements?
    Answer: FoodChek™ and VWR will work with you to optimize product packaging for your facility. This is normally a request for large volume customer but we are willing to provide quotes for unique situations as well.
  14. Can I schedule automatic shipments of Actero™ media to make sure I do not run out of material?
    Answer: Yes. To initiate scheduled shipments of Actero™, or any other FoodChek™ products, contact your VWR representative and they will guide you through the procedure.
  15. How do I obtain Actero™Technical Data/Information Sheets?
    Answer: They are posted on the FoodChek™ website at